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Single Stage Presses

Lee presses all have compound leverage, which permits full length sizing the largest magnum cases with ease. All have built in spent primer catchers and tough powder coat finish. Individual detailed instructions accompany each press. Make your selection according to need--based on price, speed and convenience. For even greater bargains, consider a reloading kit.


Removing Breech Lock Bushing from Press          Tightening the Lock-Ring Eliminator in place

Lock-Ring Eliminators
Breech Lock Bushings
 Lock-Ring Eliminator  Breech Lock Quick Change Bushings


Big Gun Inspired Breech Lock Quick Change is now standard on most Lee single station presses. Switch dies with a 1/6 of a turn rather than fourteen or more turns. Loading with a Breech lock equipped press is convenient as a Turret press when loading small quantities of ammuniton. Interrupted three-start thread assures dies will return and lock into the exact same position. The Breech lock system includes a lock pin to allow easy initial setup. If cost is more important than convenience, you can leave the Breech Lock bushing locked in the press and screw dies in and out like a conventional press.