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Load-Master Reloading Press

Select a Load-Master Progressive Press if you are shooting more than 500 rounds a week. Change over from cartridge to cartridge can be involved. If you are loading limited quantities of many different cartridges a Turret Press is your best choice.

Load-Master is equipped with Carbide dies (handgun cartridges), Auto Drum Powder Measure or Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure and case feeder. 

The Load-Master is available in the following cartridges:

223 Remington #90922
32 S&W Long or 32 H&R Magnum #90935
9mm Luger #90936
380 Auto #90937
38 Special or 357 Magnum #90938
40 S&W #90940
10mm Auto #90941
44 Special or 44 Magnum #90943
45 ACP #90945
45 Colt Long Colt (will load 454 Casull) #90946











Load-Master Press Accessories
#90079 5-Hole Turrets

 Load-Master Shell Plate

Load-Master Shell Plates

Primer Feeder
Primer Feeder